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Appliance Care


· Brush and floss your teeth, brush your tongue and rinse your mouth prior to use.

· Soften the appliance under hot tap water prior to use.

· After use, clean the appliance under cold water with a tooth brush and a drop of liquid soap and thorough rinse.


· The regular use of over the counter denture/retainer cleaner (Efferdent) with a maximum 15-20 min soak will help manage any accumulation of minerals or stains.

· Allow the appliance to dry in its container when not in use. 

· With normal use, the appliance may vary from crystal clear to a mildly opaque (light yellow). 

· Removal of the appliance is best accomplished by using equal pressure on both sides of your appliance. 

This will minimize the risk of damage or breakage of the appliance.


If you notice any changes in your symptoms, the appearance of your mouth or gums, or in the appearance of the appliance itself, contact our office.