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Your First Appointment

At your first appointment, we review your completed questionnaire, take a thorough history of your condition, and perform an oral and physical examination.

We then form a preliminary diagnosis, correlating the type, degree, and severity of your condition. We also describe the treatment process and the cost.

"TMJ" has often been described as the "great imposter disease." Each person's story is unique.

As a result, the first interview requires careful listening and correlating to sort out the big picture.

To help you document your story, we've provided a Patient Questionnaire on this page. Please take a few moments to completely fill it out. It is essential that you bring the completed questionnaire with you to your first appointment. The information you provide is invaluable as we determine an accurate diagnosis and the appropriate treatment plan for you.

New Patient Packet (docx)



We ask our patients to pay for the first office visit regardless of whether they are insured or not, as we are not in network with any medical insurance.

Rarely, if ever, do insurance companies pay 100% of our fees. Therefore we offer a variety of payment options. We ask our patients without insurance to pay for services on the day they are completed, unless otherwise arranged.

"TMJ" is considered a medical condition. Dr. Parker and Dr. Mistry are qualified to assess and treat that condition.  If you have insurance be sure that you thoroughly fill out ALL the pertinent information, and/or bring your insurance card with you.

As a courtesy, our office can bill your medical or auto insurance company for all treatment provided in this office. However, please remember the contract is between you and your insurance carrier. Therefore you are ultimately responsible for all treatment-related charges. Our experience is that insurance companies can and will be arbitrary and capricious regarding the denial or the reduction in payment of benefits. Our staff is experienced and tenacious about negotiating these complex issues and fighting for our patient's benefits. However, there are times when we get stonewalled. The insured, if willing, can often get further than we when dealing with the insurance company's representative.